Top 5 Free Fitness Apps of 2013

Get the tech edge with your health and fitness journey using these must have apps!

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There is no denying that smartphones have become the must have accessory of the 21st century. We use our iPhones , androids and Window’s phones to surf the net, bank, message, email, read, listen to music, and watch videos(And sometimes even make phone calls!). Below are the five apps that the team at GymTransfer could not run, swim, lift and eat without – The top 5 free fitness apps of 2013



JEFIT is perhaps the single best application you can take to the gym!

It is a feature packed workout planner that will help you create and tailor exercise routines based on your goals, and then track your progress day by day. It offers one of the largest exercise databases that I’ve ever seen – over 500 different exercises, each with detailed instructions and information outlining which muscle groups the exercise will target.

Top 5 free fitness apps of 2013

It comes with a great set of predefined routines that are tailored for specific targets (Such as bulk, cut, shoulders, chest, legs etc). It also has a ton of other functionality such as a BMI calculator and 1RM (Rep Max) system. In short – You need this application!


Available in both a free and paid “Pro” version ($5USD). The Pro version is well worth the cost.



The app store is brimming with apps designed to record and monitor your route, speed, pace and heart rate whilst running. I have tried them all, and whilst most of them do a good job at one or two functions, Runkeeper is only one to get everything right.

Top 5 free fitness apps of 2013

First and foremost it has a clean and simple layout, making getting started quick and easy. On a single screen you can view your speed (Using your phone’s built in GPS), route and heart rate (using a supported heart rate monitor). You can then upload your progress and route directly to Facebook.


RunKeeper is a free app for both Android and iPhone



No matter your goal, diet is the cornerstone of any fitness plan. MyFitnessPal is quite possibly the hottest diet app of 2013. It is a fully featured calorie counter that boasts a database of over 600 000 foods and drinks. Simply scan the barcode of whatever you eat and it is automatically added to your daily tracker. You can also add your exercises to MyFitnessPal to earn extra calories.Top 5 free fitness apps of 2013


Best of all MyFitnessPal has a facebook-like platform that lets you share your health and fitness progress with your friends, and gain inspiration from others.


MyFitnessPal is free.



Nothing quite gets a good pump going like amazing music. Spotify is a revolutionary social streaming music application. Top 5 free fitness apps of 2013Think iTunes meets facebook meets youtube. Millions of songs of every genre and era available for free online streaming. Create a playlist or listen to a playlist automatically generated to suit your tastes.


Spotify is free to download.




Couch to 5K

This app will get turn you from coach potato to athlete in 9 weeks. It will be your personal trainer and motivator, while you are pounding the pavement. Couch to 5K will notify you when is the best time to change interval during your run (fast, slow, steady), and will even pause your music when it does! It also includes cool game modes such as the ever popular ‘Zombie chase mode’


Couch to 5k is free

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