3 Tips for Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy

One of the greatest joys in life is having baby. But a bundle of joy may not be the only thing you take home on delivery day.

Three Tips for Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy
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One of the greatest joys in life is having baby. But after nine months of pregnancy and the ordeal of labour, a wonderful bundle of joy is often not the only thing you will take home on the delivery day. Yes, we are talking about those extra pounds and kilos that every new mother wants to remove. Dieting can be hard enough, but with the added pressures of a new born baby, wild hormones, and healing wounds, such as a caesarean, losing baby weight fast as a new mother can be difficult. Below we have the three best tips for losing baby weight after pregnancy.


Exercising with your baby

Some new mothers are able to hit the gym immediately after giving birth, but for most of us this is a completely unreasonable expectation (Celebrity mothers, we are looking at you!). As a new mother you will already be run off your feet trying to keep up with bub, so why not take advantage of this and incorporate your newborn into your fitness program!


losing baby weight after pregnancylosing baby weight after pregnancyWhen your baby is only a few months old, it is unlikely that you will have the time or energy for any extra exercise, so the best way to boost your fitness is to start carrying your bub more in your day to day activities. Supporting an extra 10 pounds of weight  with your upper body, is a sure fire way to rebuild those core muscles of the stomach and back that can be injured and weakened during pregnancy.  As your abdominals strengthen and begin to regain their flexibility, your stomach will begin to flatten.


One of the most fun exercises you can do with your baby is pushing the pram! I’m not kidding! Walking is not only a great cardiovascular and fat burning exercise, it also excellent at reducing stress for both you and bub. Start off slow, and then try to up your intensity for short intervals. If your pram is designed for it, try some light jogging. Use a smartphone app like couch to 5k to track your progress. Many neighbourhoods have a mother’s walking group which can be great motivation, and an awesome way to meet other mothers.


Breastfeeding Weight Loss

After giving birth you may be eager to lose weight and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight as soon as possible, but it is important to remember that the health and well-being of your child is your primary concern. It is important that mothers who breastfeed maintain a nutritious diet full of fresh, unprocessed food that contains all the essentials nutrients, plenty of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs. Dieting, or restricting certain food groups whilst breast feeding can cause a detrimental imbalance to the nutritional properties of breast milk.


To maintain an abundant milk supply it is recommended that mothers consume between 1800 and 2200 calories per day. This is higher than a woman who is not pregnant as the creation of breast milk will use an additional 500 calories per day (Typical range is 200 to 600 calories). Due to the stresses and time constraints of caring for a new born, many mothers find it difficult to maintain this higher intake of calories. This is why you will commonly hear reports of weight loss from breastfeeding.


Losing Weight After a Caesarean

As if losing weight after giving birth wasn’t difficult enough, add a healing caesarean section into the mix and it can seem impossible! Although it is a fairly common procedure, a c-section is still a major operation that taxes the body greatly. Doctors recommend that you do NO exercise of any type whilst the scar and damaged muscles are healing. On average this will mean you are out of action for the first six weeks after giving birth. After this six week period you will need to ease yourself back into exercise gradually. Swimming is a great, low impact exercise that will help you regain your pre-pregnancy fitness.


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