The Health Benefits of Biotin Supplements

Biotin, the wonder B vitamin. Building block of hair, nails, and a healthy metabolism

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The Health Benefits of Biotin Supplements

B Vitamins play an essential role in your body’s well-being. The are the driving force behind your metabolism, the process that converts the food you eat to the energy your organs and muscles need to operate. One B vitamin in particular is crucial to this process, and to many other of your bodily functions – Vitamin B7, or as it is commonly known biotin.


Biotin’s primary function is to process energy, but it is also used for many other purposes, including  removing carbon dioxide from your body. Removal of carbon dioxide ensures that your organs and muscles are able to operate at maximum efficiency. The body creates biotin naturally, but it is very common that the body will not create a sufficient level of the vitamin.  Because of this, biotin supplements have become increasingly popular with both health and fitness experts and the general public. Lets take a close look into the health benefits of biotin supplements.

Biotin Metabolism Benefits

Biotin, or as it is also known ‘Vitamin H’, is a required for your body to utilise the energy stored in carbohydrates, fat and protein. If you are deficient or have a naturally low biotin count, you can improve the speed and efficiency of your metabolism with a biotin supplement. Doctors commonly prescribe biotin to sufferers of slow metabolisms.

Biotin Hair, Skin & Nail Benefits

Biotin is an essential building block in the creation of new hair, skin and nails. Brittle nails, flaky skin and hair loss are common symptoms of a biotin deficiency. Increasing your biotin levels can help improve the speed of nail growth, the softness of skin and increase hair growth rate.

Biotin Blood Sugar Level Benefits

Biotin has long been prescribed to diabetics as a method of normalising and controlling blood sugar levels. You can use a biotin supplement to improve the regularity of your own blood sugar levels. This will improve your overall feeling of wellness, and will reduce fatigue. A study from the University of Michigan was released indicating that the average American consumes only a tenth of the daily recommended intake of Biotin in their diet, which may be the cause of many blood sugar / glucose related issues such as type two diabetes.

Buying Biotin Supplements Online

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The health benefits of biotin supplements