Tennis Elbow Pain Relief

It’s the ache that just won’t go away. Use this tips to quickly rid yourself of tennis elbow.

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Although the tennis fad of the late 80s has died down, tennis elbow is still a hugely common problem. That’s right, contrary to the name tennis elbow can be caused by ANY repetitive arm movement, not just playing tennis. From moving a computer mouse 9 – 5 to weight lifting, there are many motions that put you at risk of this painful ailment. Today we find out what it is, what causes and how to get tennis elbow pain relief.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the muscles and tendons within the elbow. Stress caused by repetitive motion causes micro rips and tears across the elbow, your body then attempts to repair the rips by pumping additional blood and fluid to the join, causing the tell-tale inflammation. The result is pain or tenderness in the elbow that is amplified when the forearm is rotated.  Tennis elbow can take several weeks to months to completely resolve. Now, lets put down the anatomy book and find how we can get some quick tennis elbow pain relief that will have you back in action as soon as possible!

Tennis Elbow Pain Relief

  • First of all, you should immediately book in to see your doctor. You need to confirm that it is indeed tennis elbow and not a break or fracture. Many serious injuries can have similar symptoms to tennis elbow, so it is worth getting a confirmed diagnosis!
  • The most simple, and one of the most effective pain relief methods for tennis elbow is to apply heat packs to the elbow. The heat will promote blood circulation, which will help accelerate the healing process, which will provide tennis elbow pain relief. This is best done after the initial inflammation has settled. When the injury is fresh use ice packs, once it has settled use heat packs.
  • Use a physiotherapist designed Tennis Elbow Pain Relief Bar. By lightly manipulating the forearm the use of these bars will greatly increase blood flow to the affected area. This will provide a profound decrease in healing time, and very quick relief from pain. These bars can be purchased for under $20 online. Once healed they can also be used to strengthen the joint to prevent future injuries.
  • Massage the joint. This will increase circulation to the affected area, which will help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Avoid repetitive motions that will cause the injury to come back in the future. With each successive injury the pain and discomfort will worsen, as will the healing time and risk of permanent injury.



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