Sell Your Unused Gym Membership

Stuck in a nasty lock-in contract? Avoid fees by selling your unused gym membership online

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Gym memberships are notorious for lengthy contracts containing daunting terms and conditions. With it being so difficult to cancel a gym membership, it is little wonder that memberships totaling 56 Million dollars go unused every year in the United Kingdom alone!


17% of the adult population in the United states belongs to a health club or gym, typically costing between $50 and $100 per month.  Some surveys have found that up to four out of every five gym memberships are not used at all, or used less than once a week. That is a lot of wasted money going directly to the gym’s bank account!


In many circumstances it is not possible to cancel or break your gym membership before the end of the obligation period, typically 12 or 24 months. However, most gym contracts will allow you to transfer the gym membership to another person. This means you can be free of your membership and financial obligations!


Selling your unused membership can be straight forward, if you choose the right means to sell it. Often people will resort to large public sites such as craigslist or eBay, with mixed results.  GymTransfer has been designed specifically for the sale, purchase and transfer of gym memberships.



What is GymTransfer?

GymTransfer is a 100% free online trading platform for selling gym memberships anywhere in the world. In less than five minutes your membership will be listed for sale – no registration required! GymTransfer has been designed specifically with the sale of gym memberships in mind, so it offers way more functionality than other generic classified sites.


To sell your membership, or to check out the memberships already listed for sale head over to GymTransfer . Hundreds of users have already bought and sold gym memberships on GymTransfer.


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