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Raspberry Ketones have recently shot to popularity after being featured on the Dr Oz Show. Dr Oz called Raspberry Ketones “The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat”, which has obviously made them a hugely popular item. Until recently I had never heard of raspberry ketones, so I am here to research and answer some questions! What are Raspberry Ketones, why are they so popular, can you lose weight with raspberry ketones, and what other benefits are there?


Raspberry Ketones are a completely natural compound that is responsible for the sweet, fruity odour of raspberries. It is frequently used as a flavouring agent and as an ingredient of high end perfumes. It has been used as a natural remedy for many illnesses for centuries, but how can you lose weight with Raspberry Ketones?

Lose weight with Raspberry Ketones

Recently, studies have proven that raspberry ketones can assist in weight loss and fat reduction. The concept of Raspberry ketone supplements is simple – Increase the body’s base metabolic rate and you will burn calories, even while your body is resting.When digested the ketones raise the body’s core temperature, which increases your body’s base metabolic rate.  This means you will burn more calories even without exercising! This increase of the metabolic rate is the same process that the body goes through after an intensive workout session.


The ketones also stimulate lipolysis – the body’s method of breaking down fat cells called adipocytes. Studies have also shown that they suppress the release of pancreatic lipase, a digestive enzyme that absorbs the fat in food. With less lipase in your system, your body will absorb less fat from foods during digestion.

Do Raspberry Ketones work?

In real world terms, most people have reported losing several pounds per month whilst using raspberry ketones.  The amazon store is full of positive reviews from people who have lost weight, and experienced other positive benefits from the use of raspberry ketones. Clinical studies also provide evidence that raspberry ketones work effectively, but health studies are often open to some interpretation and argument.

Raspberry Ketone Side Effects

There are currently no known side effects, or other negative medical or health issues associated with the consumption of Raspberry Ketones. It has been noted that some people may experience a slight elevation in heart rate and blood pressure, largely in correlation and in keeping with the increase of the body’s metabolic rate. Raspberry extract, which is high in raspberry ketones has also been recommended for use during pregnancy, as a method of inducing labour.

Buying Ketones

While all of this may sound very clinical, it is important to remember that raspberry ketones are a 100% all natural supplement, and thus the risk of side effects is very minimal. However, some poorly manufactured raspberry ketones supplements can cause adverse effects, such as headaches, cramps, and a jittery sensation. I recommend Raspberry Ketones from Genetic solutions. They are currently available from the Amazon store for less than half price.

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