Is The African Mango Diet a Hoax?

Is it yet another Scam, or is there truth in the claims that this mango will help you shed fat?

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Is The African Mango Diet a Hoax?

The extract of African mango has recently gained massive popularity in the health and fitness community after research trials linked its consumption to fat loss and increased energy.  But how exactly can eating the extract of this fruit help you lose weight? Read on to find out is the African Mango diet a hoax?


African Mango, which is also known as ‘Irvingia’, has been used by the native tribes of West and Central Africa for centuries. The tribal people harnessed this nutrient and vitamin rich fruit as an energy supplement, and believed it held almost magical properties for promoting good health and well being.The African mango is quite similar in size, shape and flavour to the standard mango you would find at your local grocery store, but their nutritional content is vastly different.

African Mango Suppresses Appetite

Leptin is a hormone which is produced inside fat cells. It plays a pivotal role in regulating and controlling your appetite, when your leptin levels are low you will crave food, when they are high you will feel satisfied. Eating African Mango causes a prolonged boost in your body’s levels of leptin. This will greatly reduce your appetite and feelings of hunger, which will make it much easier to avoid the temptation of  overeating. Unlike many of the diet pills available today, African mango extract is a 100% natural way to suppress your appetite with no risk or side effects.

African Mango Metabolism Benefits

Your body’s metabolism is how it converts the food you eat into the energy you need to get through the day. If you are not active your metabolism will slow down, as it knows it does not require much energy. With less energy being used by your body, it is likely that the food you eat will be turned into fat stores. In order to lose weight it is crucial to have a speedy metabolism that will quickly convert food into energy. A very effective way of doing this is to raise the body’s operating temperature.  Studies have also shown that consuming African Mango extract  has a “thermogenic fat burning effect”. This means they raise your body’s temperature in such a way that it will very effectively turn stored fat into energy. Less body fat, and more energy – win win!

Avoiding the African mango scams online

With the rapid rise in the popularity of African Mangoes have come many online scam websites. Be wary of the ‘subscription scams’ and poor quality substitutes, made by companies with little reputation.


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