How To Cancel Your Gym Membership

Stuck in an unwanted or unused Gym Membership? We’ve created the absolute guide to breaking free!

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Cancelling an unwanted gym membership contract can be a daunting task.  Many gyms often use heavy handed tactics and crafty legal agreements to trap you into continued monthly direct debit payments.
Fortunately there are many ways to cancel, break or void your gym contract even if you are still within your minimum term. Below are some ways you can finally break free of that lock-in contract

How To Cancel Your Gym Membership


Cooling off Periods

Most Gyms offer a cooling off period of up to one month. During this time you can cancel your membership with no repercussions. In some countries this cooling off period if mandated and governed by local laws.


Sub-Standard service or facilities

If the gym does not provide an adequate level of service, or fails to properly equip or maintain their facility you have a good chance of exiting your contract. Contracts usually contain a ‘Service Level Agreement’ that stipulates the gym must provide a high standard of service. If the gym has not upheld this agreement they may have forfeited the contract.


How To Cancel Your Gym Membership


Medical reasons

If you are no longer able to attend the gym because of an illness, medical condition, pregnancy or other impairment you may be able to break contract. Check your contract to see if it includes this clause. If it does, you will need a note from your doctor to submit to your gym.


Unfair Contract Terms

Your local laws and mandates may protect you from unfair gym contracts. Examples of this include overly lengthy contract length (ie- 24 or 36 months) or protection for contracts sold using ‘pressure sales’ techniques.

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Moving interstate or Overseas

If you are moving to a town or city where the gym does not have a franchise you may be able to leave the contract. Check with your gym to see if they offer this contract exemption. Most large franchise chains do not offer this.


Loss of income

If you have lost your job due to redundancy or contract termination some gyms will freeze or cancel your membership contract early. You will need to provide your gym with evidence that you are no longer employed.


Early Termination Fee

Lastly, you may be able to terminate your contract by paying a (usually large) fee to the gym.  Some charge a set fee, whilst others charge a percentage of your remaining contract.

How To Cancel Your Gym Membership


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Legal Help

Many regulatory bodies exist that enforce the laws, rules and regulations governing health club contracts. These organisations are categorised by location

United Kingdom
Office of Fair Trading              Trading Standards


Australia / New Zealand
ACCC                                              Consumer affairs Victoria                  Consumer Affairs NSW
Fair Trading QLD                          Fitness Australia                                    Citizens Advice Bureau NZ


United States
Consumer affairs are handled on a state-by-state basis. Please check with your local department of consumer affairs.


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