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Say goodbye to sweaty smelly underwear!

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Working up a sweat!

No one likes it. You aren’t even half way through your workout and your underwear is already soaked with sweat! Disgusting! We’ve found the answer to all of your damp prayers – the best mens underwear for exercise.


You’ve racked up plates on both sides of the bar, positioned it on your back, and squatted deep below parallel, only to be rewarded with a loud tearing sound. No, you haven’t just torn a muscle or ligament, but you can say goodbye to another pair of underwear. If you are anything like me, and you rely on an annual restock of underwear at Christmas time from your mom, underwear is a scarce resource, and regular ripping will soon have you going commando!

Under Armour Review

The time has come to invest in some underwear built for the gym. Under Armour underwear has been designed with athletes in mind. It is flexible, breathable, removes sweat and odor, and provides compression. It IS the BEST men’s underwear for exercise, hands down, no competition!

  • Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane. Patented ‘HeatGear’ fabric that reduces temperature, moisture and odor. Very Flexible.
  • Fit: Tight – You may want to go up a size (ie- buy L, if you would normally buy M)
  • Comfort: Very Comfortable. I now wear these as my everyday underwear.
  • Verdict: The best mens underwear for exercise on the market!

It is tear proof, rip proof, and does an excellent job at limiting sweat build up. Keeping you cool, dry and odor free. It is available in several different lengths and styles. I personally prefer the 6 inch length leg brief boxers, but it is also very popular in the 9 inch model.

Where to Buy Under Armour

To make sure you are buying authentic UnderArmour and not a cheap imitation, I recommend purchasing directly from the Amazon store. The amazon store is also the cheapest place to buy genuine underarmour.


 best mens underwear for exercise


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