Best Exercise Equipment for an Apartment

Avoid the crowds and get a serious workout from the comfort of your own home

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Overcrowded, overpriced, overhyped – There is little wonder why people are avoiding some modern chain gyms and prefer to workout from home. But how do you workout at home when space is limited? I’ve trimmed the fat and discovered the best exercise equipment for an apartment. No more excuses for why you aren’t hitting the weights!

Adjustable Dumbbells

These are the cornerstone of the compact home gym. Taking up little more room than two shoeboxes, these will allow you to do a huge range of upper and lower body exercises.  Have a look at’s database for hundreds of dumbbell exercises.


The best set of dumbbells is Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells. They allow you to very quickly switch the weight of the dumbbell without having to manually unclip and remove them individually. It uses a patented click and release system that lets you set the weight in 2.5 pound increments within seconds. This will save you from the mess of having free weights inevitably sitting around your apartment.


Dumbells are the single most versatile piece of equipment for home gym fitness. Curls, extensions, press, shrugs – the combinations are endless! Dumbells can deliver a complete upper body workout, and take up virtually no room – they are the single best exercise equipment for an apartment.


Best Exercise Equipment for an Apartment


Ab WheelBest Exercise Equipment for an Apartment

The Ab Wheel is the king of building core strength and shredding a six pack in close quarters. You can use the wheels on your knees for beginners, or feet for the more advanced. Lie down, outstretched, stomach on the ground, and grab the handles of the wheel. Roll the wheel back towards your feet, and then roll back as far as you can support your weight. This exercise is a LOT harder than it looks!


They can be picked up cheap online and take next to no room to store.


Push Up BarsBest Exercise Equipment for an Apartment

Save your wrists and invest in a cheap set of push up bars. They will allow you to push up with your wrist and forearm in a position similar to that of a bench press. To really hit your chest and triceps, use these for both a wide and close grip push up. Ladies – start off on your knees and build up to a full push up. A very cheap and worthwhile investment for your home gym.



Doorway Pull up / Chin up / Dip barBest Exercise Equipment for an Apartment

You’ve got a door? You’ve got a home gym!…. Well not quite, but it is a good start! These bars clip onto the frame of your door without marking or damaging the door. Within seconds you can be engaged in a great upper body workout. Recommended exercises – Chin ups (close and wide grip), Pull ups, Muscle ups, hanging leg raises.

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