6 Reasons You Should Be Taking Fish Oil

You’ve heard of good fats, this is the BEST fat!

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My high school coach was from the old school of training. Kettle Bells, compound lifts, 10km jogs, and ALWAYS taking several fish oil tablets everyday. As a teenager at the time I was a bit dubious of his methods, but over the last ten years I have come to realise there was method in his madness. So, I’ve decided to follow his plan and investigate the benefits he claimed, and why you should be taking fish oil.

What is fish oil?

Fish oil is made from the oils from cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring. These oils contain large amounts of omega-3 minerals (also known as DHA and EPA). YES, these are fats, but believe me, they are a VERY GOOD FAT. They will not increase the amount of body fat you have. These Omega minerals have been proven by numerous studies to have a huge range of health benefits.

Fish oil supplements usually come in the form of soft gel tablets or as a liquid. I strongly recommend using the soft gels, as the the liquid has a very strong fishy smell and taste.

Why you should be taking Fish Oil


Fat Loss and muscle growth from Fish Oil

A study conducted by the Australian Nutritional Physiology Research Group showed that the consumption of Omega-3 contained in fish oil, combined with exercise, results in significantly greater fat loss benefits than exercise or fish oil alone. Fish oil also assists in muscle protein synthesis, which is the process of body building and creating new muscle cells.


Get Smart

Scottish researchers found that the consumption of 1000mg of fish oil per day resulted in an increase of 13% on IQ tests, as well as improving short and long term memory. The fatty acids found in fish oil – DHA and EPA are responsible for improved healthy brain functions.


All smiles

Studies performed at the Institute for Behavioural Medicine Research, Ohio State University, have shown that the daily consumption of omega-3 can reduce or even eliminate depression and anxiety, as well as stabilise the moods of schizophrenics.


Stay Sharp

Fish Oil has been proven to protect the brain from cognitive problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease (Research conducted by Louisiana State University). While it will not prevent it completely, it does provide some protection.


The Big C

Numerous trials have provided evidence that the consumption of fish oil can reduce the risk of many forms of cancer, in particular, kidney and prostate related cancers.


Heart Healthy

Research from the University of Toronto has shown that fish oil supplements can reduce the rate of cardiovascular issues by reducing blood pressure in people with hypertension. I’m sure by now you are convinced that you should be taking fish oil supplements!

The Best Fish Oil to buy

I religiously buy Kirkland Signature Natural Fish Oil. It has high concentrations of DHA and EPA – 300mgs per soft gel, which means you do not need to take as many of these as other brands. It also has none of the fishy after taste that some other brands suffer from.

It is important to purchase a reputable brand of fish oil supplements, as they are not governed by the FDA, meaning there are many poor quality brands available.

You can pick up a bottle containing 400 softgel tablets from Amazon for the absolute bargain price of $14. This should last you around 4 months.

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