Title Boxing Columbus

Title Boxing
1134 Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, USA

$250.00 Outright

Membership Expiration Date: 24-Oct-2016

Transfer fee (Pay to gym): $0.00
              Seller will pay: $0.00
              You pay: $0.00

I am being relocated for my job and have more than 5 months left on my year-long membership at TITLE Boxing. October 24th expiration date, available for use at Polaris, Upper Arlington, and New Albany locations in Columbus Ohio.. Please note the site says the membership is available 'nationwide' however it is truly only available for 3 Columbus locations!

Pricing: 21 weeks of membership for $250, which comes to $47 per month or $11.90 per week (versus a membership through TITLE directly which costs $80 per month)

Additional Information: Classes are one hour each, including ~10-15 minute warm up and ~10-15 minutes of cool down/abs at the end of class. I have never left a class disappointed; trainers are extremely high energy and care about your total fitness as well as boxing form. If you are away from Columbus for a full week at a time, you can \'freeze\' your membership in full-week increments and tack those weeks onto the backend of the contract. You only pay for the time in which you are actually at the gym! Cardio and weight machines are also available on site. Members can attend AS MANY CLASSES as they wish for the duration of the membership. Schedules are available online- there are usually 3-5 different classes per day, every day of the week.

1134 Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220, USA

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